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Here you can find the properties for sale. They are mainly in regions on the coast of Spain and the islands, but the list may include inland and foreign property. If a specific region does not appear in the dropdown list, it means that -for the moment- nothing is offered for sale there. Please, contact the owner directly.

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In Asturias the collaborating agencies have many more properties than you will find in these listings! Please, let us know what you are looking for.


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Rural house for repair
Oviedo Asturias house/villa 0170313S € 0

Casona de más de 100 años. De piedra. Con galería.
Piloña Asturias house/villa 0169412S € 0

Chalet unifamiliar
Salinas Asturias house/villa 0169212S € 0

Casa amueblada y reformada a 11 km de Villaviciosa
Villaviciosa Asturias house/villa 0168612S € 0

Casa/villa de lujo con spa
Candamo Asturias house/villa 0163211S € 0

Finca rustica con casa de dos plantas
Gijón Asturias house/villa 0158211S € 0

Bonita casa rural dentro de parque natural
Lena Asturias house/villa 0157810S € 0

Casa en la costa con hermosas vistas
Soto del Barco Asturias house/villa 0156010S € 0

Chalet casi nuevo con parcela de 600+ m2
Villaviciosa Asturias house/villa 0155710S € 0

Casa de piedra ,antigua escuela , con finca
Piloña Asturias house/villa 0153610S € 0

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